Economic opportunity

Promoting equity in underrepresented communities

As a critical step towards supporting communities in overcoming systemic and structural disadvantages, Kaiser Permanente provides support to more than 2,000 businesses owned by black and other underrepresented people across the country. Kaiser Permanente not only helps small businesses sustain their operations, but also looks to the future by strengthening the economic infrastructure of our communities so that families can thrive. Initiatives include:

  • Reducing structural barriers. Kaiser Permanente has designated $500,000 in grants to six organizations across the Mid-Atlantic States region. This grant will support grassroots efforts at the local level to address systemic racism and intergenerational trauma. The enterprise-wide Racial Equity Grantee Look Book highlights the work of each grantee across Kaiser Permanente’s regional markets.
  • Diverse business growth. Kaiser Permanente supports local businesses by designating grant dollars to increase access to formal training, business networks, and recovery and growth capital through partnerships with Pacific Community Ventures and Inner City Capital Connections.
  • Quality jobs and careers. Foundational to a sustainable job is a livable wage, benefits, and safe and supportive working conditions. Kaiser Permanente seeks to support vulnerable populations who disproportionally face challenges and connect them to meaningful employment.
  • College and career readiness. Kaiser Permanente’s strategy for career readiness supports young people from lower-income and under-resourced communities by providing educational opportunities, career exploration and social/emotional development to excel in school and pursue careers in healthcare. Learn more about internship opportunities at Kaiser Permanente.