Partnering with communities to advance health and well-being for all

Community Health

As a leading nonprofit health plan in the Mid-Atlantic States, Kaiser Permanente is committed to using all our assets and influence to help make the communities we serve among the healthiest in the nation. We are your trusted partner in total health, working together with communities to advance our shared mission for everyone. Kaiser Permanente’s commitment includes increasing access to care, improving economic and educational opportunities, and enhancing environments.

We invest in many forms of access to serve needs where people live, work, learn, and play. Because health is maintained in our homes and neighborhoods rather than in a doctor’s office, Kaiser Permanente focuses on the importance of healthy environments. Our goal is to increase economic and educational opportunity, access to healthy food, affordable housing, support for students and staff in schools, and access to high-quality health care.

Kaiser Permanente’s work in Mid-Atlantic communities is rooted in the advancement of health equity—creating the conditions that give everyone a chance for a healthy life and socioeconomic well-being.

Our programs are guided by what we hear from our communities about their challenges, hopes, and expectations. We collaborate with others who are equally dedicated to developing smart, sustainable, and impactful solutions. And we know that when we innovate using technology and human-centered design, we can transform the way we view health—and together, we can achieve healthier, more equitable outcomes for all.

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